You have in your hands the sixth edition of Almanac of Bulgarian Fashion 2006, which has the ambition to present the best fashion designers, houses, boutiques, studios and beauty parlours of our country. Lubomir Stoykov and his team have done their best not only to analyze the main achievements of the Bulgarian fashion and style of clothing but also to forecast the future of fashion creation in Bulgaria, as well as to offer their visions for the leading tendencies
in the taste and aesthetics for 2006. I can sincerely
say that this topical encyclopedia of fashion design is undergoing a positive quality development, and its publishing in two languages - in Bulgarian and English - turns it in a serious message to the world, which is charged with the talent and capabilities of our lothing designers. Books and catalogues of this kind bring us with certainty to the European criteria and, in regards to culture, prepare us for the European Union full membership.
Especially high appreciation deserves the charity mission of the Almanac, which at the previous premiere had a success in collecting funds for the national campaign against breast cancer, whose patron I have the honour to be. Enjoyable is
the fact that video equipment for the students of the National Academy of Art was purchased and the Saint Ivan Rilski Home for Children Deprived of Parents' Care, to which Mr. Stoykov is a regular donor, was traditionally supported with
part of the funds. I was happy to find out that the current edition has the same highly humane goal.
I hope that the Almanac of Bulgarian Fashion 2006 will enrich its readers with new and fresh information about fashion, understood as a culture of looks and clothing and will help them to live even more beautifully and deservedly. I wish full success to the new edition of this valuable and interesting book!

Good luck!



Sofia, November 2005Zorka Purvanova



1. Glocalization of Bulgarian fashion in 2005
2. Collective achievements in Bulgarian fashion
3. Individual achievements in Bulgarian fashion
4. Beauty and mercy hand in hand
5, Successes abroad
6. Zlatna igla (golden needle) 2004

7. Fashion Mercury 2005
8. Journalist assessment of 2005 fashion year

The Almanac of Bulgarian
Fashion 2006 supports
Nationwide Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign
under the aegis of the First Lady Zorka Purvanova

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