Ot Igla Do Konetz Consulting House issued the Almanac of Bulgarian Fashion for the fifth time in succession. The new issue is bilingual, in English and in Bulgarian, and is enriched in cultural and informative aspect. Almanac of Bulgarian fashion
2004 - 2005 supported the national campaign for fight against breast cancer under the auspices of the first lady Mrs. Zorka Purvanova, who traditionally is
the author of the luxurious fashion catalogue preface. At the time of the charitable premiere of the Almanac of Bulgarian Fashion 2004 - 2005 on December 1, 2004 at Boyana Residence, the first lady highly assessed the issue and its author, calling him" the best Bulgarian specialist in fashion". A charitable auction was organized for the sale of the first copies of the new book. The first book was bought by Ivan Chalukov, a chairperson of the Bulgarian Fashion Forum for 1,000 Bulgarian leva. The financial director of the Russian union of geologists in Bulgaria, Mr. Mark Mishiev, paid 1,000 leva for the second copy of Almanac and the executive director of the same union, Mr Emin Gadjiev bought a watch of the brand Donna Karan for 350 leva for charity purposes. Avon Cosmetics Bulgaria, I.N.A. Trading Ltd., Mrs. Liyana Melik Pashaeva, Mr. Yuliy Pavlov - Director of Centre for Analysis and Marketing, Baron Kiril Gendovich, etc. also took part in the charitable event. The total sum collected for charity exceeded 4,000 leva. The bigger part of the funds is intended for fight against breast cancer. Traditionally Ot Igla Do Konetz Consulting House allocates funds for Saint Ivan Rilski Home, whose godfather and permanent donator for the last five years the Almanac's author is. He also purchased modern DVD and video equipment for the students in fashion with the National Academy for Art and for the students from the Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communications. Avon Cosmetics promoters offered products of the Avon series against the Breast Cancer at the place of the charity event including the popular broach - symbol of the humanitarian campaign. Some of the most famous fashion houses and designers, among which Todor, MirO, Ilona
Shalamanova and Kolev and Kolev, Fanni Papadopulu, Junona, Monro, Pretencii, Irida, Tani Fashion, Jana Jekova, Romantika, Parah and Pluto, Kwiat, Tali Veil, Naff-Naff, and Chevignon, Agressia (with the Metslan shoes), A-style, Maria Nedkova, Holiday and others. At the time of the Almanac of Bulgarian Fashion 2004-2005 premiere, the vanguard designer Mariela Gemisheva presented a design of clothing of three parts, inspired by Nokia fashion collection. The performance
combined the spirit of a designer's revolution in the mobile phones with the mood and the elegance of the 1920s.

TV journalist Nevena Tsankova was the hostess of the evening and presenters of the auction were Elena Tihomirova - Miss Bulgaria 2003 and Visage top model Victoria Djumparova. The most popular Bulgarian photo and fashion models, most of whom have the title of Miss Bulgaria, took part in the show. The show of the
models was staged by Amalia Tincheva. The charitable premiere was under the auspices of Mrs. Zorka Purvanova and was carried out with the support of: Nokia Bulgaria, Balkan Star - a general representative of Mercedes Benz and exclusive representative for Chrysler and Jeep of DaimlerChrysler AD in Bulgaria; Savoy Club Dry Jin, Dalaya boutique; Boyana Residence; Lavazza; Gorna Banya bottling
company; Downtown hotel; Samokov hotel; Nedelya confectionary; Burger Sofia; hairdresser's Bonna Dea; Julia Angelova.

The top managers of Nokia (Finland, Greece and Bulgaria), Julia Bull, baron Kiril Gendovich and his wife Vera, Anna Sendova - chairperson of Cultural Dialogue - 21 foundation, Lilyana Lazarova - Executive Director of Sofstock, exclusive representative of Lavazza coffee for Bulgaria, Donka Ganeva - chairwoman of the Academy for Fashion, Ivan Chalukov - chairman of Bulgarian Fashion Forum, Stavri Kalinov, Iva Sofianska, the actress Neli Topalova, Anya Dainova - chairwoman of Imagines Association of the Image Makers, Plamen Minchev - representative of the BBB juices, the business lady Krassimira Bogdanova, Olga Uskova - chairperson of Russian Club in Bulgaria, students in fashion from the National Art Academy
and others were among the most prominent guests.

Yana Georgieva, a president and Roumiana Tsarska - a vice president of the National Association of the Women with Oncological Diseases and their adherents in Bulgaria were also present. The first designs that were demonstrated at Boyana Residence, was three-part clothing. The performance was of the designer Mariela Gemisheva and it represented a design, especially prepared in connection with the new selection of Nokia mobile phones. Both the clothing and the phone designer were inspired by the 1920s - the years of reckless pleasures, luxury and elegance. The models of telephones of the Fashion category have the challenging elegance of the period between the two world wars, combined with the eccentricity and the comfort of our times. The stylish expressiveness is in harmony with the refined colors, the strict geometry and the provocative details. Visage top model Teodora Velinova demonstrated the model with enviable gracefulness and sex appeal.


1. Glocalization of Bulgarian fashion in 2005
2. Collective achievements in Bulgarian fashion
3. Individual achievements in Bulgarian fashion
4. Beauty and mercy hand in hand
5, Successes abroad
6. Zlatna igla (golden needle) 2004

7. Fashion Mercury 2005
8. Journalist assessment of 2005 fashion year


13. First Lady Zorka Purvanova with Lubomir
Photo: © Ivan Vassilev

14. Design of Kwiat
Photo: © Ivan Vassilev

15. Design of Mariela
Gemisheva from Nokia collection.
Photo: © Ivan Vassilev

16. Design from the collection of Fanni Papadopulu.
Photo: © Ivan Vassilev

17. Design of Pretencii Fashion House.
Photo: © Ivan Vassilev

18. Design of Maria Nedkova.
Photo: © Ivan Vassilev

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