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For a thirteenth succeeding year the Academy awarded its most prestigious award – Zlatna Igla (Golden Needle). Who are the latest holders of this mostly wished award for style? Albena Alexandrova was awarded Zlatna Igla (Golden Needle) award of the Fashion Academy for a third time. This became evident after the end of the direct electronic voting of the jury of 36 members for the best in the Bulgarian fashion in 2006. The results from the voting were certified by notary Aksenia Monova. The other winners are: Zebra  – fashion house of the year, Angel Tsvetanov – fashion photographer of the year, Kiril Chalukov - make-up artist of the year. The encouragement prize, the small Zlatna Igla (Golden Needle) for most successful debut of the year was awarded to pop singer Irina Florin. Zlatna Igla (Golden Needle) for overall contribution was awarded to Jana Jekova, an outstanding Bulgarian designer, a master of formal and school-graduation ball outfits. The graceful figurines Zlatna Igla (Golden Needle) are made by the jeweler Angelo Krasini.

БЛЯСЪКЪТ НА ЗЛАТНАТА ИГЛАAt the gala performance Zlatna Igla (Golden Needle) the most topical summer proposals of popular fashion houses and designers were shown. Special collections were presented by Paola Apsi Studio, Triumph International, Monro Fashion House and its designer Milena Tsoncheva, Bulgarian glasses Kwiat, boutique Aims G – collections of the Slovenian brand  October and   Linda  Farrow Vintage  eyewear as well as designer works of  Petya Dimitrova. Hosts of the evening were the popular stars of BTV television – Radost and Geri from the Ogledala (Mirrors)show. Svetlana Lechkova, manager of Imperia Hotel Complex, Sliven, Angelina Kioseva – Triumph International (Sofia), Valeria Zhekova – manager of  I.N.А. Trading and chairperson of the Bulgarian Association of Manufacturers and Exporters of Textile and Clothing, Moni Francez, holder of the Zlatna Igla (Golden Needle) 2005 for fashion photographer of the year, Miroslav Pechev, – owner of Sofstock company - official representative of Lavazza coffee for Bulgaria, Virginia Zdravkova – the previous holder of the Zlatna Igla (Golden Needle) for designer of the year and Tanya Metodieva – designer of fashion house Tanni, holder of Zlatna Igla (Golden Needle) 2005 for fashion house of the year.  The official ceremony for awarding the prize was organized in the studio of the Ogledala TV show.

БЛЯСЪКЪТ НА ЗЛАТНАТА ИГЛАAll Zlatna Igla (Golden Needle) holders were addressed personally by the Chairpersons of the Academy for Fashion – Donka Ganeva and Lubomir Stoikov. Standing out among the guests in the studio was  the leader of the Party of the Bulgarian Women Vessela Draganova, designer Natali Genova, Niki Kanchev, Martina Vachkova, vocal duet Riton, Dessi Banova, Sasho Dikov and many others. Warmly applauded during the show were the teams of Bourjois and Luxor Fashion Salones, who took care of the perfect make-up of the charming models.  It is a good idea to remind the reader what some of the winners of this unique in its nature competition for beauty, elegance and style of high rank shared with us :

Jana Jekova: “Fashion, which we already call the eighth art, is also worth its awards and every creator is worth his thirty seconds of glory. At least thirty! Thank you that you honoured me with these thirty seconds in again. I have to thank the Academy for the high estimation. Special thanks to my dedicated team headed by the fashion designer Tanya Yordanova. My thanks to the audience, to the fans of mine.”

Albena Alexandrova: “Although this is the third time I am awarded the Zlatna Igla (Golden Needle) I am rather embarrassed. Anyway this is quite romantic… This award is a team award. It is not only for Albena Alexandrova. It belongs to everyone who is part of fashion house Roshavata Garga (The Tousled Crow), because without them all there would be no Albena Alexandrova.”

Tsvetelina Brankova: “On behalf of myself and on behalf of the complete team of Zebra I would like to thank the Academy for Fashion and to the fashion journalists who awarded this prestigious award to Zebra for a second time in succession”.

Kiril Chalukov: “I would like to thank all members of the Academy for Fashion for the fact that they make me happy for a second time with this Zlatna Igla (Golden Needle). The first time it was much excitement but this time it will be even more, as one understands that his art moves all of you, the ladies that employ our ideas about beauty. I would like to thank also all my colleagues with whom we try to create fashion. Do not trust those who say that there is no fashion in Bulgaria. It might be difficult to be created but there is fashion and I think that the Academy for Fashion is a real bastion that had been encouraging our attempts and successes for more than ten years! Thank you once again!  I feel honoured!”



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9. Laureates of Zlatna Igla (Golden Needle) 2006 (from left to right) – Silvia Borissova, Tsvetelina Brankova, Albena Alexandrova, Jana Jekova, Kiril Chalukov and Angel Tsvetanov
Photo: © Bozhidar Markov

10. Special collection of Paula Apsi, inspired by Bulgarian Folklore, Zlatna Igla (Golden Needle) Fashion Show – May 2007
Photo: © Bozhidar Markov



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