The top award for fashion design in Bulgaria - Zlatna Igla (Golden Needle) is asserting itself more and more in time. According to the recognition of dozens of designers, photographers, makeup artists, this is the most desired, the most dreamed about fashion prize in Bulgaria. Speaking objectively, this prize has been awarded for the longest time and logically, it has won a prestige. In 2006, the Academy for Fashion awarded its golden needles for contribution to the development of the Bulgarian fashion design for twelfth year in a row. This time the official ceremony took place in the Youth's Theatre.

The 34-member jury voted in the presence of Notary Public Aksenia Monova for the best Bulgarian fashion designers, makeup artists, photographers and organizers of fashion performances. Virginia Zdravkova, who presented an exquisite and super elegant collection, was elected Designer of the Year (for the second time). She demonstrated the first Bulgarian formal gown worn at the US 2006 Academy Awards (Oscar) ceremony. Tani with designer Tania Metodieva was elected Fashion House of the Year. Zlatna Igla (Golden Needle) for menswear was awarded to Atanas Parushev (in a very hard competition with Monteli Fashion House, which also presented a high-quality men's fashion), and for fashion photography, the golden needle went to the well-known master of photographic lens Moni Franses. Maria Ilieva became fashion makeup artist of the year.

Irida was ranked first in the category of Fashion Performance and deserved the golden needle. The awards for the Overall Contribution to Bulgarian Fashion were conferred to Evgenia Jivkova (for individual design) and Miroslav Stamov - Miro’ (for collective achievement as a fashion company of the year). Evgenia Jivkova received also a cash prize of 2,000 leva from the general sponsor Savoy Silver Club, which she immediately donated to Hristo Botev secondary school of Dragoman, which is under her patronage. Maria Micheva with her Silver collection and Kwiat glasses were special guests to the gala evening.

The most competitive category Designer of the Year demonstrated the enviable development of Mariela Gemisheva (she had invited professional actresses and artist Edmond Demirdjyan in the role of a drummer!), Milka Alexandrova - Buchi (with a wonderful angel with wings, performed by singer Neti) and Jana Jekova with a new original vision of her collection. Besides editors-in-chief and fashion editors and columnists, the jury included also TV presenters Niki Kunchev, Gala, Martina Vachkova, Lyuba Rizova. Several famous Bulgarian fashion houses missed the event due to objective or subjective reasons, including the impossibility to prepare a collection, absence from the country and fear from failure at the competition finale.


1. Introduction
2. Fashion and humanism
3. Golden needle 2005
4. Fashion mercury 2006
5. New generation of designers
6. The europian union ordeal

6. New owners of “Golden needle 2006”
Photo: © Fashion academy archive /© Todor Vasilev

7. Design of Evgenia Jivkova for “Jeni style”
Photo: © Fashion academy archive /© Todor Vasilev

8. Design of Atanas Parushev
Photo: © Fashion academy archive /© Todor Vasilev

9. Design of “Miró”
Photo: © Fashion academy archive /© Todor Vasilev

10. Design of Virginia Zdravkova
Photo: © Fashion academy archive /© Todor Vasilev

11. Make-up design for Maria Ilieva
Photo: © Fashion academy archive /© Todor Vasilev

12. Design of “Irida”
Photo: © Fashion academy archive /© Todor Vasilev

13. Creation of Moni Franses

14. Design of Tanya Metodieva for “Tani”
Photo: © Fashion academy archive /© Todor Vasilev


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