In a number of aspects, 2006 was indicative for the good hearts of a great part of people engaged in design activities, fashion business or production of clothes and accessories. With their humane and donor activities regarding children in dire need, parentless children, students, retired persons, sick persons, or persons who were injured in accidents and disasters, they all gave an excellent example about highly developed sense of social debt and civil responsibility.

Under the patronage of the wife of the Bulgarian President, Zorka Purvanova, the presentation of the Almanac of Bulgarian Fashion 2006 was carried out at Boyana Residence. For a second year in a row, the publication supported the national campaign against breast cancer, which is carried out under the patronage of the first lady. Charming Iren Onteva led in a vivacious way the charity tender collecting funds for fight against breast cancer by means of the first copies of the Almanac, numbered and signed by its author. Sofstok company, MP Vessela Draganova, Nikolai Hadjidonchev, Emil Arabadjiev from Denyl, Maria Teofilova and Petya Staevska were the most generous in the tender for the special catalogues. For the noble cause, Galdini shops provided elegant watches from the Donna Karan, Fossil and Diesel brands. The proceeds made happy the children from the St. Ivan Rilski home and the students from the Economy of Mass Media, Journalism and Mass Media and Economy of Culture Sphere specialities of the University of National and World Economy by receiving video equipment for their chair.

The most famous Bulgarian designers, fashion houses and representatives of cosmetics, hairdresser's art, interior design, furniture and life style as a whole were included in the luxurious and prestigious edition, which was published for a sixth time in a row. The Almanac of Bulgarian Fashion 2006 was published in Bulgarian and English and was distributed across the world. A conceptual review of the best achievements in fashion design in Bulgaria was made by the author in the introduction. At the official presentation, Virginia Zdravkova, Eleonora Kirilova, Biliana and Peter - Bipone, Krastana Draganova, Nikolai Pachev, Gizia, Irida, Kwiat, Lucille, Miro’ and Tani fashion houses showed their latest collections. Milka Alexandrova - Buchi (inspired by Bombay Sapphire) and Maria Nedkova (inspired by Mary Jane) showed unique designs. The charity performance was attended also by Anastasia Mozer, Maria Petrova, Svetlana Lechkova, Silvia Vassileva, Yasmin Blumich, Miroslav Pechev, Olga Sandova, Prof. Gredi Assa, Baroness Mariana Gendovich and others.

In the spring of 2006, the well-known Bulgarian company MDL, which is a representative of many respected foreign fashion brands including Benetton, MaxMara and Ermenegildo Zegna, jointly with the students of the American College in Sofia, made a donation to a home of children at disadvantage - clothes worth over 12,000 Bulgarian leva - and organized a special feast - a party for the children jointly with Bonbon group. In connection with the 40th anniversary of Benetton, the same company granted clothes for all employees of the Sofia City Art Gallery. MDL supported also the campaign of the first lady for provision of work places for children - school graduates devoid of parental care.

The charity tender of Barbie dolls dressed in clothes of famous Bulgarian designers was a significant humanitarian event. It took place on November 1, 2006, within the frames of the International Week of Blondes. The organizers Olga Uskova, Chairwoman of Russian Business Club, and Natalia Stolyarova, Chairwoman of the International Association of Blondes, organized the humanitarian tender for the children from the Nadezhda (Hope) home. Designers who supported the noble cause included Albena Alexandrova, Milka Alexandrova - Buchi, Paola Apsi, Antoaneta Dolkina, Jana Jekova, Virginia Zdravkova, Neli Koleva, Svetoslava Trayanova, Maria Micheva, Elena Moskvichova, Irina Florin, Miroslava Shopova, as well as Irida and Tani fashion houses. Barbie dolls dressed in creations of Valentino and Slava Zaitsev were presented at a special exhibition. The doll dressed by Paola Apsi reached the highest price of 2,700 leva. Business lady Maria Teofilova owns it now.

It is not possible to enumerate all forms of charity, which are directly or indirectly realized by the Bulgarian fashion design, but it would not be fair not to mention at least one more - the unique fashion show and performance at Hilton Hotel in November 2006, where along with top models of Visage Model Group women with breast cancer marched along the catwalk. The collected funds were donated to 32-year old Katya Naneva (who participated in the show) to make her dream about a reconstruction of her operated breast come true. Actors, directors, media and journalists participated in this charity event. Hristo Moutafcheiv hosted the performance, and the popular and talented actress Elena Dimitrova was among the performers. Fashion and beauty united the Bulgarian women who have won the treacherous disease. The cosmetics and makeup of Estee Lauder and designs by Betty Barclay were demonstrated during the show. The evening, which celebrated the end of the World Month against Breast Cancer, was organized by pharmaceutical company Astra Zeneca and the Association of Cancer Patients. Fashion and the fashion events with their deeply artistic and aesthetically entertaining nature, should serve to noble humane causes in future as well, supporting orphans, talented children, sick people and people in need. The example of the most developed countries across the world is contagious and the above examples are an expressive proof for that.


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3. Golden needle 2005
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5. New generation of designers
6. The europian union ordeal

1. Design of Biliana and Peter -“Bipone”,
Photo: © Bojidar Markov

2. Design of Nikolay Pachev
Photo: © Bojidar Markov

3. Design of “Irida”
Photo: © Bojidar Markov

4. Design of Milka Alexandrova – Buchi, inspired by “Bombai – Saphire”
Photo: © Bojidar Markov

5. Design of Maria Nedkova ispired by “Mary Jane”
Photo: © Bojidar Markov


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