Dear Readers,

The annual publishing of the Almanac of Bulgarian Fashion, whose author and compiler Ass. Prof. Dr. Lubomit Stoykov is, has turned into a very good tradition.
Thanks to its fifth consecutive 2004-2005 edition, you may get into touch with the very essence not only of the contemporary Bulgarian fashion design but of the clothing style of the Bulgarians of today – more and more fashionable and adequate to the European and world criteria for beauty, elegance and practicality.
Analyzing the events in the Bulgarian fashion life in the last year, Mr. Stoykov again adheres to his specific style – consistent, attractive, highly professional. I am convinced that you will like the structure, composition and contents of the individual sections, as well as the circumstance that they are getting richer and develop both from both informational and aesthetic point of view.
The increasing charity mission of this unique book should be noted in particular. I can only admire the decision of the Almanac’s author and his team to support the Nationwide Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign this year. .
Today, thousands of Bulgarian women are fighting for their lives against one of the most distributed oncological diseases. In order to win this battle, to return the smiles of their children and the joy in their homes, they need the support of the whole society, including the support of the Bulgarian fashion designers, houses, agencies, of the fashion journalists and publishers.
I most sincerely wish the 2004-2005 Almanac of the Bulgarian Fashion a warm reception, many readers and the highest recognition both in Bulgaria and abroad!

Good luck!



Sofia, November 2004Zorka Purvanova



1. Introduction
2. Bulgarian fashion design in 2004
3. The new generation
4. The almanac premiere 2003-2004
5. Successes abroad
6, Golden needle 2003
7. How fashion journalists evaluate the last fashion 2004 year?

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